Shilpa Gupta

Digital Print

Riyas Komu

24x72in, Oil on Canvas

F N Souza

30 x 24 in. 1960's

Arunanshu Chaudhary

Oil on Canvas

Probir Gupta

48x72in, Water Colors

D. Ebenizer Singh

60x72in, Oil on Canvas


By George

April 2 - 8, 2010 @ Alliance Francaise de Delhi, 72 Lodhi Road

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Crafts of India: Chamba rumals

26 Jul 2016

Hema Guha brings to fore a hitherto unexplored Indian handicraft, the Chamba rumals....

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Spencer Tunick reveals the “naked truth”

21 Jul 2016

Monica Arora discusses two recent installations by artist Spencer Tunick raising some very pertinent current issues....

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The Art of the Matter

18 Jul 2016

'The Art of the Matter' glances at some art-related occurrences that made news in the last week. Curated by Monica Arora ...

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Portrayal of Animals in Miniature Paintings

15 Jul 2016

Hema Guha presents a delightful piece on animals in miniature paintings....

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Interesting Art News

11 Jul 2016

Catch some interesting art news from around the world. Curated by Monica Arora...

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