Shilpa Gupta

Digital Print

A Balasubramaniam Paintings, Cost, Prices, Auction, Art

A Balasubramaniam

15x15in each, Digital print on board

Amrit and Rabindra Paintings, Cost, Prices, Auction, Art

Amrit and Rabindra

29.75 x 39.75in 1998

F N Souza Paintings, Cost, Prices, Auction, Art

F N Souza

30 x 24 in. 1960's

Probir Gupta Paintings, Cost, Prices, Auction, Art

Probir Gupta

48x72in, Water Colors

D. Ebenizer Singh Paintings, Cost, Prices, Auction, Art

D. Ebenizer Singh

60x72in, Oil on Canvas


By George

April 2 - 8, 2010 @ Alliance Francaise de Delhi, 72 Lodhi Road

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Indian Art News Is Taking A Break


Indianartnews is taking a break and will be back. We will be back in 2014 with a new offering. We want to thank all readers and contributors who have...

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Pak Truck Artisans to Adorn Durga Puja


Pakistani truck art, known for their bright and ostentatious colours splashed across the body of goods vehicles, is going to make its debut...

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Buddha's Footprints


It was the spring of 2012, students flooded in and out of classrooms hunting teachers for assistance with exam...

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Indian Diversity


New Delhi: Paintings by the Bhil tribals of Madhya Pradesh and Rathwa telling creative myths of Pithora Dev sit alongside reprints of 15th...

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Remembering Nasreen


Born on 5th September, Teacher’s Day, was incidental to the fact that Nasreen Mohamedi was an extraordinary teacher. Her unique and eccentric...

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