Shilpa Gupta

Digital Print

Riyas Komu

24x72in, Oil on Canvas

F N Souza

30 x 24 in. 1960's

Arunanshu Chaudhary

Oil on Canvas

Probir Gupta

48x72in, Water Colors

D. Ebenizer Singh

60x72in, Oil on Canvas


By George

April 2 - 8, 2010 @ Alliance Francaise de Delhi, 72 Lodhi Road

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‘Portraits of Resistance’: A Review

29 Aug 2016

Hemavathy Guha reviews an exhibition of Sri Lankan artists entitled ‘Portraits of Resistance’....

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Truth is stranger than fiction

26 Aug 2016

Truth it is said is sometimes stranger than fiction and our stories this week are ample proof of that adage. Curated by Monica Arora....

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Samson Young Unplugged!

22 Aug 2016

"I use art-making as a way to figure things out, to work through difficult and complicated issues..." says Samson Young in an interview with ARTSOME's...

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Visual cultures of Shrinathji – Pichhvai Paintings

19 Aug 2016

Hemavathy Guha reviews an unusual exhibition of Picchvai Paintings dedicated to Lord Krishna to coincide with the Janmashtami festival....

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‘THE SURFACE OF MEMORY’: Recent works by Sudipta Das

16 Aug 2016

Vidhi Sharma reviews ‘The Surface of Memory’: Recent works by Sudipta Das...

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